Burke-Macgregor Group develops innovative solutions to achieve national security objectives through achievable transformation from the intransigent status quo. 

Spanning the spectrum of instruments of national power, these solutions address domestic and international relations, organizational cultures, incentive structures and technology maturity.


Ernest Hemingway once observed, "Wars are caused by undefended wealth." We at Burke-Macgregor Group anticipate future conflicts will more likely resemble the Balkan Wars of the early 20th Century, wars for regional power and critical resources, than the conflicts of the last ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Burke-Macgregor Group anticipates these future conflicts for regional power and influence will revolve around the competition for energy, water, food, mineral resources and the wealth they create. In this volatile setting, the alternative to direct American military intervention must include the use of commercial partnerships to resolve conflicts and disputes through economic development that benefits all competing powers.  


Burke-Macgregor Group LLC is ideally positioned to cultivate commercial partnerships beneficial across national, political party, as well as inter-agency boundaries to build new engines of prosperity that will support international cooperation and conflict mitigation and resolution.